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Ministry Opportunities with

Dr. Don Bierle

Donald A. Bierle, M.A., Ph.D.
Donald A. Bierle, M.A., Ph.D.

Dr. Bierle, president of FaithSearch International, holds M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in the life sciences and an M.A. in New Testament Studies. As a research scientist he was a team member on scientific expeditions to both the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions. As an educator and academic dean, Dr. Bierle has been active for thirty years teaching biology, Bible, and worldview subjects in the college classroom. He has conducted training around the world, in places such as the Marshall Islands in the south Pacific, Amsterdam, the Philippines, and throughout India. He has published several articles in scientific journals, is the author of Surprised by Faith (see below) and other books and DVDs on practical apologetics. He specializes in evidential evangelism.

Dr. Bierle has an unusual ability to analyze technical, scientific and theological subjects, and to communicate them in a clear, original and fascinating way. Most presentations include professional PowerPoint® animation.

FaithSearch Outreach Events:

FaithSearch Discovery: Discovering the Ah-ha! of Life
FaithSearch Discovery is our flagship event, offering an eye-opening, evidence-based and logical case for the truths of Christianity (existence of God, reliability of the NT, deity of Jesus, nature of faith). Non-Christians will discover why they should believe. Christians will be strengthened in their faith by astonishing evidence and testimony.
FaithSearch Origins: Making Sense of Creation & Evolution
Using current scientific evidence and the Bible to unravel creation, evolution and the meaning of life, Dr. Bierle's emphasis on the powerful concept of intelligent design unites rather than divides people on this controversial subject. Stimulating and challenging, FaithSearch Origins is ideal for students, teachers, pastors and parents.
FaithSearch Destiny: Making Sense of Life after Death
Using logic, and biblical and historical evidence, FaithSearch Destiny separates truth from fiction concerning the afterlife. “Making Sense of Life after Death” provides answers to questions each person should resolve about the course of life... and death.
FaithSearch Testimony
A Scientist's Journey from Skepticism to Faith

Additional Speaker Topics:

  • Testimony: A Scientist's Journey from Skepticism to Faith
  • Are the New Testament Records about Jesus Really True?
  • Revealing the Fingerprints of God
  • Crucifixion and the Cross of Christ
  • Do All Religious Roads Lead to God?
  • Straight Talk about Intelligent Design
  • Choosing to be a Bond-Servant
  • What's In A Name? The Uniqueness of Jesus.
  • The Genius of Jesus' Strategy to Reach the World
  • What Happens after Death: Rot, Reincarnation or Resurrection?
  • Resurrection: Hoax or History?
  • Think Like Jesus: Living a Biblical Worldview
  • Friend to Friend Influence in a Changing World
  • How Can I Know God?

FaithSearch Discovery Particpant Guide Making Sense of Life after Death Surprised by Faith DVD: Revealing the Fingerprints of God Making Sense of Creation & Evolution Growing Faith Surprised by Faith Study and Discussion Guide Surprised by Faith in Spanish Surprised by Faith in Russian FaithSearch Discovery DVD: Is the Bible true? FaithSearch Discovery Audio CD: Is the Bible true? Revealing the Fingerprints of God Audio CD FaithSearch Resources by Dr. Bierle:
Over 350,000 Copies In Print

Dr. Bierle is the author of the bestselling book Surprised by Faith. In it he shares his personal discovery of faith. A former skeptic, Dr. Bierle explains the evidence and reasons that satisfied his questions and led him to faith in Jesus Christ. Now available in sixteen world languages, it is complete with the latest historical and archaeological information, including photographs. The book is also the text for his FaithSearch Discovery presentation.